Printing Custom Labels and Waterproof Stickers

by | May 27, 2016 | Business

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So, you’ve tried out Internet advertising, you’ve posted some ads on Facebook and you have hired a content writer to help your search engine rankings – great, but what about the offline advertising techniques you haven’t tried out yet? Sometimes, offline advertising can be even more powerful than online methods of attracting new clientele, particularly if you operate within a certain radius and want to appeal to people in a specific area. Custom labels and waterproof stickers can be used in various ways to attract an audience, so order yours from Gecko Sticker Signage today and get ready for success! Here are a few examples of how these products can be used.

Spruce Up the Work Van

Is your work van or fleet of vans looking a little tired and boring? While you may just think that your work vehicles have a sole purpose to transport products from A to B, they actually have a lot of marketing potential. When you consider the fact that you will be moving from place to place on these road trips, it would be a shame not to capture people’s attention while doing so! Waterproof stickers should be placed on the sides of a vehicle, the bonnet and most importantly, the back, because a lot of other motorists will look at this sticker when they are sat behind you at a set of traffic lights.

Encourage Customers to Promote Your Business

Custom labels and waterproof stickers can be handed out at press conferences and events or alternatively, you could ask the people working at the checkout in nearby stores to slip them inside the customer’s shopping bag. By doing so, you can get your business seen by many. It might also be worth using labels and stickers as custom decals in the workplace. To create a big impact on visitors, place the labels or stickers at the entrance of the building.

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