Have More Peace Of Mind With Security Doors For Your Home

More and more people are becoming victims of crime, and in many cases, they don’t even leave their home to be victimised. Criminals are becoming stealthier, but also bolder in their attempts to steal from hardworking individuals. The time has come to ensure your family’s safety and security by installing security doors in your home.

Ideal Options

Clearview Innovative Window Solutions provides the best options available for security doors. They are now designed to withstand kicking, beating, and hammering. However, they also look aesthetically pleasing. Most people shied away from these door options because they looked bulky, huge, dark, sinister and scary. They didn’t want to deter their friends and family from coming over, but they didn’t want to invite intruders in, either. Now, you can have the best of both. You can have a nice-looking door that will prevent intruders and still be welcoming to guests.


When considering the door, most people neglect to think of the locks that will be placed on the door. You wouldn’t want a sturdy security door for your home and then put a chain lock on it, would you? Chain locks don’t work well, so you need a strong in-the-handle lock, as well as a deadbolt.

DIY Or Professionals?

Most people want to save money and may try to cut corners to do so. However, to get the peace of mind you need while at home, you should only use trusted professionals to handle the installation of doors and locks. Doing it yourself may seem like a good idea, but if you get the wrong materials, it could do more damage and not protect you as you need. Plus, many insurance companies require that you use a professional to help save money on insurance costs.

The Central Glass team would be happy to fit a security door on your residential or commercial premises. For information, call +07 5535 2000.

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