The Advantages Of Sandplay Therapy

by | Aug 4, 2017 | Psychotherapist

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Many kids and adults love to play in the sand or go to the beach and feel it squishing between their toes. It is a therapeutic feeling that can be found in a variety of counselling offices. Sandplay therapy gives adults and kids the sensory feeling of the item, and can also help induce relaxation.

It is a way to reduce stress, especially if you run it through your fingers or squish it, depending on your mood. It can also be used to spark creativity and help children and adults learn to socialise more. While taking them to the sandbox is one method, therapists can also use it to allow children to feel comfortable enough to have an open discussion about their problems.

If you think that sandplay therapy could be helpful to your or your children, it is important that you find counsellors who offer such methods. When you find someone suitable, make sure to ask how often the sand is used. In some cases, it will be used in every session. Other counsellors may prefer to bring it out only when the child seems upset or anxious to help them calm down. Depending on your child’s needs, it may be helpful to use it frequently. You should also find out what skills they have and what formal training the counsellor possesses before making a final decision to use their services.

From 2 to 3 offers a variety of services and methods to help you and your children. They can help pregnant women with their feelings and emotions. They can also help with PTSD and depression brought on by the birth. Along with everything else, they can help couples learn how to get along after the baby arrives, and reduce sibling rivalry problems, as well through sandplay therapy.

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