Dental Implants In Liverpool: Benefits

by | Feb 19, 2018 | Dental Care

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People are given two sets of teeth, each with a different purpose. Baby teeth eventually are all lost, to be replaced with permanent teeth. In many cases, people go through life never losing a tooth, albeit, this is rare. Other people are not so fortunate.

For reasons of decay or trauma, one way or another; one or more permanent teeth are lost. For years, the solutions available were either a denture or a bridge. There is no denying that these solutions provided teeth, but neither was a perfect solution. If a bridge was fitted, good teeth had to be weakened to accept the bridge. Often dentures, full or partial, caused difficulties with eating and speaking. Dental implants in Liverpool eliminate all these problems.

Dental implants in Liverpool are essentially a “third set” of teeth. Although the process takes a number of months to complete, once finished, the dental implant looks, feels, and performs every bit as good as the teeth it replaced. The procedure, although lengthy, is quite straightforward. The dentist first prepares the site by drilling directly into the jawbone. A titanium insert is implanted into the hole and left to integrate with the bone. This osseointegration is what takes time, as long as six or seven months on average. The dental implant is essentially a replacement root onto which a porcelain crown is fitted.

No Gaps Dental offer the modern way to replace missing teeth. Once the process has been completed, your new teeth perform every bit as good as natural teeth. The success rate is extremely high; anyone with healthy gums and sufficient jawbone is an ideal candidate for a dental implant. As there is no gum shrinkage, which is the case with dentures, the face does not sag or appear concave. There is no debate; dental implants in Liverpool are by far, the best solution to replacing missing teeth.

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