The Argument For Losing Weight With Range Grass-Fed Beef

Juicy steaks and burgers made of beef may make your mouth water, but range grass-fed meat will blow your conventional meat out of the water. It’s no doubt that cows that eat grasses taste better, but most people wonder how that could help you lose weight. If it’s so delicious, people will likely eat more of it, cancelling out the good effects. While that can be true, grass-fed beef can be healthier, which is part of the reason why people believe it can help them lose more weight.

Why Healthier

When cows are fed grain, they bulk up faster, but all that bulk is extra fat. When you eat meat from cows that ate grasses, you’re like to consume fewer calories. For example, a grass-fed nine-ounce steak contains about 100 fewer calories than a grain fed cow. Therefore, switching from regular meat to free-range options can mean a loss of almost three kilograms each year. Likewise, if you consume the average 29 kilograms of beef each year, you would consume 11,500 fewer calories each year, as well.


Weight loss doesn’t just happen because you eat fewer calories. Of course, you still have to exercise and eat a balanced diet. However, grass-fed versus grain-fed cattle have different amounts of bad and good fat. Grains amount to a lot of the fat that you see when you cook the meat. Even if you don’t personally eat the fatty deposits, it has still seeped into the meat you do consume, which can lead to clogged arteries and other problems. Grass-fed versions have more healthy fat, which can raise your good-fat levels and keep you healthier.


Most people worry that grass-fed beef costs more, and it could be slightly. However, places like The Meat Shop will give a fair price and may offer discounts if you buy in bulk.

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