What To Expect On A Child’s First Dental Visit

by | Dec 21, 2016 | Dental Care

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Most dentists recommend that children see a dentist when they turn one year old or approximately six months after their first tooth comes up. Parents are advised to search for and find an appropriate professional before their child comes of age, making it easier to take them for their appointment. However, many parents wonder what happens at the first dental visit and whether or not they are even necessary.

What To Expect

Places like Artarmon Dentists offer a short and quick primary dental visit and usually, won’t offer any treatment options. This visit allows your child a chance to meet the dentist and oral hygienist in a friendly and non-threatening way. They may be asked to sit in the dental chair, and you may be asked to sit with them and hold them on your lap. However, you may also be asked to sit outside in the waiting room at some point so that the dentist can start building rapport with your child.

The Exam

During the first exam, which will be short, the dentist checks your child’s existing teeth, even if there is only one present. They will check for decay and bite, and will determine whether problems may arise with the oral tissues, jaw, or gums. They may also clean the teeth available and decide whether fluoride is necessary.


The dentist will help the parents, as well as the child. For example, dentists can educate you on the basics of oral care for children. They will show you how to brush their teeth and floss if necessary. They can also discuss potential issues and developments that can arise, answer questions, and make you feel more comfortable about caring for your children’s teeth until they get old enough to do it themselves.

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