Advantages Of A Flyscreen For Homes

by | Dec 24, 2018 | Screen Store

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If you’re like many Australians, you love having the windows and doors open in the house. You can usually keep it comfortable with fans and the nice breeze without having to turn on the A/C. However, the biggest issue is the bugs that invariably fly into the house when you have the windows open. These pesky insects can cause serious issues and become annoying. A flyscreen is the perfect solution because it goes over the window or door while it is open and prevents bugs from getting inside.

A flyscreen isn’t the same as a security screen; they’re usually not made of strong material, though they are strong enough to keep bugs from getting inside. They won’t topple inward during harsh winds, either. Of course, you can leave the windows open without them, but you run the risk of flies, wasps, and other insects getting inside. Plus, you can save money on your electricity bill each month by keeping the lights off and the air conditioning off. You can let in the natural sunlight and breeze, ensuring your comfort regardless of the day. They’re designed to look like traditional mesh screens, which means you can see outside and enjoy your view.

At SP Screens, they understand that insects are necessary for the environment, but they don’t have to show up in your house just so that you can save money. They have a variety of flyscreen options. They ensure function and fashion regardless of the product you choose. Therefore, you can keep the aesthetic of your home going and enjoy a bug-free home life. They can also keep flying debris outside the house, so you don’t have to worry about leaving the doors open when there’s a high wind. Book a free quote with measurement to get started.

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