Pergola With Roof: Why Consider

by | Feb 22, 2019 | Screen Store

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Pergolas are structures that use vertical beams and roof beams. Many times, they don’t have walls or a solid roofing system, but you can choose to have a pergola with roof, which can help you achieve the ability to be outside and be comfortable regardless of the weather. Many times, these pergolas don’t have walls and just use beams in the four corners. However, you can also choose to add outdoor blinds to shade the space and keep some of the rain and wind out of your outside living space.

A pergola with roof gives you a more defined space in which to be comfortable. When you’re outside, you may not want to sit in the garden or run around the yard. While a patio can give you a more defined space, the pergola does so better because the posts show you exactly where you are going to be. You can place it near to the house or farther away, such as in the garden, giving you a beautiful view and the ability to relax comfortably. When the roofing system is in place, you can close the slats completely to give you 100% shade or have them closed when it is raining so that you and your furniture don’t get wet. You can also open the slats fully so that you let in all the sunlight.

SP Screens has a variety of products to fit your needs and lifestyle. In most cases, the installation experts prefer if you already have the posts in place because it helps them give you a pergola with roof much quicker. However, if you don’t already have a pergola, they can help you get one. Then, you can choose the most appropriate colours and configurations. Whether you want a free-standing pergola or just one or two posts, you’ll find that you can select that option.

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