Emergency Management – Saving People in Times of Need

by | Feb 18, 2016 | Business

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Miners trapped in mines, local citizens stuck beneath huge blocks of debris following an earthquake, occupants of a building in need of escaping a fire outbreak – these are just a few incidents that an emergency management team might have to deal with. When lives are in danger, something needs to be done about it and that’s exactly what an emergency response team will do. They will strategically think of a method for locating the destination where the tragedy has occurred, before initiating a plan. Keep reading to find out more about how emergency management experts can reduce the death toll when deliberate and accidental incidents occur.

Meeting the Needs of Disaster Survivors

Just because someone survives a disaster, this doesn’t mean that their health won’t be affected afterwards. The mental, physical and health needs of survivors should be monitored by an emergency management team. This will be done in a number of ways, such as by assessing their health, providing medication when necessary and preventing disease outbreaks. The speed at which the emergency management team works at should be speedy, because the way in which they respond to the needs of disaster survivors will depend on the overall outcome of their life.

Dealing with Potentially Sensitive Issues

At a time when a disaster occurs, it goes without saying that the families and friends of people involved will feel worried and anxious. How are they supposed to know what has happened to their loved ones? The fear of thinking that they are dead can really take its toll on someone’s mental health, therefore mental health and sensitive issues are something that an emergency management worker will have experience in dealing with. Heavy information might be demanded at this time also, so this is something that a professional should have experience with.

Making Rapid Decisions

A couple of minutes could make a major difference to the rate of survival after a tragedy has occurred, whether this is a flood, fire or some other kind of natural disaster. Rapid decision making is a skill that someone working in this field simply must possess, and this skill will be tested throughout their many years of training. Unforeseen consequences and the priorities associated with public affairs should also be thought about when decisions are being made to keep an emergency situation under control, even at its height.

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