Effective pest management and control

Wherever food is being prepared there is going to be the potential of pests, controlling them is an absolute must. Pest inspection should occur at the first hint of problems but a well rounded pest management and control program takes more than just inspection.

The foundation of any well thought out pest management system is inspection on a regular basis. In the home, inspection is part of everyday routine, if the facility is processing food for sale and consumption inspections will be quite rigorous and may happen every week or even less. Although the inspection is routine it is such that it must focus on those areas in a home or facility where pests are most likely to be, also identify any and all points where they may be entering the building.

If an inspection should show evidence of infestation it is important to take steps immediately otherwise the problem can only get worse. An effective preventative measure is to close any possible entry points that were found during an inspection. Good housekeeping and sanitation are needed to ensure that there is no food or water source, this alone will reduce the problem.

Even with the best in the way of inspection and preventative action there is always the possibility that you will find pests in your home or on your premises. Professional pest control starts with knowing what the pest is, once it has been identified then the proper elimination procedures can be undertaken.

Once the pest species has been identified the next step is to find out why it is there. During a professional inspection the operator will invariably identify what is attractive; it may be food debris or a source of moisture, both of which are needed for the pests to thrive. The operator will also pay particular attention to how the pest is getting in; perhaps there are holes in a wall or floor, if it is an industrial facility perhaps they are coming in with inbound shipments.

Pest inspection and pest control and management are not things that only need to be done once; an effective pest control program is ongoing. A professional pest control operator can inspect and monitor the space, eliminating problems as they crop up and protecting against further infestations. In a home everyone is involved, in a facility all staff members should be the eyes of the organisation, everyone concerned should be aware of the importance of sanitation and they should be urged to report any signs of trouble.

In the home or an industrial processing facility pest inspection should occur at the first hint of problems. If you believe you have insect or rodent problems you are urged to call Pink Pest Services as soon as possible.

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