Low Fructose Cold Pressed Juicing for Better Nutrition and Weight Control

Does your waistband feel a little tighter than it did before? Maybe you are feeling sluggish after binging on high-sugar and high-fat foods? Don’t fret too much – we all have our indulgences and it is fine to enjoy them once in a while but remember that moderation is vital for sustaining good health and weight. What a lot of people don’t realise is that fructose (a natural sugar that comes from plants) is contained in most western diets. Over-consumption can lead to weight gain and can even increase the chances of cancer, among many other health problems. There is a solution though – low fructose cold pressed juicing. Before you take control of your body, learn the facts.

What is Fructose?

Fructose is a kind of fruit sugar that does not metabolise in the way that glucose does. Glucose is essential for humans to survive, but an overload of fructose could actually do the body more harm than good. In fact, some people may even call it ‘deadly’. The typical amount that a person ought to consume to remain healthy and maintain a steady weight is 50 grams per day but a lot of people exceed this, particularly when a sugar habit kicks in. When you consider the fact that uric acid production increases when fructose is consumed and how this can cause kidney stones, gout and aggravate hypertension, it’s important to eliminate it from the diet with low fructose cold pressed juicing.

How Does it Affect Weight Management?

Fructose, when consumed in big amounts, can really affect a person’s weight. In fact, it is linked closely with the obesity epidemic, even though it is found naturally in honey and many fruits. A lot of foods contain fructose, so it can be difficult to stop the natural sugar from sneaking its way into your diet. Nevertheless, low fructose cold pressed juicing will make you aware of your intake and how it is making the pointer on that weighing scale change position!

The Benefits of Low Fructose Cold Pressed Juicing

Not only is low fructose cold pressed juicing delicious and satisfying but also, it will leave you feeling revitalised and will give the energy levels a boost. A blend of vegetables and fruits will usually be contained in this type of juice, meaning that the juice will be jam-packed with minerals, enzymes and vitamins. All goodness is extracted into a drink of this kind, so try to stick to it for a long period of time for the best results.

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