Marquee Hire Done – What Other Things You Need For A Spectacular Event

by | May 2, 2016 | Business

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You’ve decided to have a party or some other event, and you know where it will be and that you’ll need marquee hire. You’ve hired the marquees and are ready to go, but you think you could need other things to have the best event possible, and you’re probably right. While each party type may require different organisation and items, most party hire companies can provide you with any help you could need, including tables, chairs and others.


Every event will have a style whether it be romantic, modern, classic or something else. The style of marquee you choose will invariably decide on the style of furniture and other items necessary. For events where cake will be served, small, round tables are exceptional to separate them from each other and provide a decoration or sorts. You can have large tables that will seat up to 14 guests or keep them smaller for more intimate events. Banquet tables can also be used for meals, setting up gifts or setting up the meal service.

Chairs can include plastic, wood, wicker and many other styles, which can help create any mood. You may also want to consider dance floors, stage units, fencing, bars and coat rails/racks.


While some marquee hire companies will offer catering, you may choose to use another company. They should supply the equipment necessary to prepare, serve and keep the meal warm. However, if you’re planning to do the cooking yourself, the company may be able to provide buffet servers and warmers so that everything is perfect.


Whether you’ve got an event that will go long into the night or want to create the right mood setting, lights are essential. Lighting hire is usually offered by party hire companies and can include disco balls, multicolour light strips, outdoor flood lighting and more.

Pool Covers

You love your pool and sometimes pool parties are fun, but when you want something different and need more space, a pool cover for hire could be what you’re seeking. Professionals will come and cover the pool with appropriate materials, which can then be removed after the event. You’ll get more space and can create dance floors, musicians’ stages or light shows.


Who wouldn’t love a unique inflatable dome, cone or spheres to create the perfect mood? Party hire companies can provide you with many options.

Marquee hire may be necessary for your event, but so are many other services. Visit Harts Part Hire now to find out which services they provide to help you determine which ones you’ll need.

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