Occupational Therapy – Helping People To Recover

by | Apr 26, 2016 | Business

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When most people hear the term occupational therapy, they think of career counselling or a form of such. While it can sometimes be similar, most therapists in this field of study are not worried about your job (getting one, keeping one, etc.). Instead, they are focused primarily on the activities in your daily life that give you meaning. It can help you develop or recover the skills needed for daily living, such as self-care, independent living, work options and leisure time. They can work in many areas, including schools, hospitals, in patient’s homes and nursing homes.

Who Can Be Helped

The patients who will benefit from occupational therapy (OT) include many people from many walks of life. In almost all cases, the patient has had an illness or disease, such as autism, strokes, developmental disorders and sometimes people recovering from surgical procedures (such as hip replacements). Others who can benefit include the elderly, veterans and individuals who suffer from anxiety or depression.

Short History

Modern techniques were born from the late 1800s when arts and crafts were used by therapists in hospitals. It allowed them to engage with patients more easily and comfortably, allowing a hands-on approach to better mental health. Since then, it has been incorporated in many institutions and areas to focus on rehabilitating the mind and body, not just medicating the person to make them more behaviourally appropriate.

Differences Between Physical and Occupational Therapy

In many cases, both physical and occupational therapy are necessary to help the patient recover appropriately. For example, if you’ve had a stroke or hip replacement surgery, you will need physical therapy to get your body to be more strengthened and able to move. Occupational therapy focuses on overall functionality, including brushing your teeth, making dinner or getting dressed.

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