Serviced Office – The Advantages for New and Growing Businesses

by | Mar 9, 2016 | Business

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Have you heard about a serviced office and how it could benefit your business? If not, you really should set aside at least 10 minutes to read about these offices and understand why so many people are expanding their business with this method. Also known as a pay-per-use space, these offices are convenient because they allow the person renting the space to lease it on a long or short-term basis, as well as test new markets, make use of equipment and reduce downtime. There will be no need to worry about keeping the space clean or fixing equipment when it malfunctions, because with a serviced office, other people will do this on your behalf. Let’s find out a bit more about how new and expanding companies can reap the rewards associated with renting a serviced office.

Standard Maintenance Options

The time it takes to maintain an office can leave you with minimal time to plan future meetings, sort out staff salaries and brainstorm those business expansion plans that could mean the difference between industry success and failure. Standard maintenance is something you can expect when you lease a serviced office, but do inquire about this beforehand. Maintenance will come in many forms, such as regular cleaning and the maintenance of electrical appliances by a team of experienced technicians. Maintenance is definitely something to look for if you plan on leasing the office on a long-term basis.

Pay for the Facilities You Use

Costs associated with renting a serviced office will vary, depending on which facilities you require. Should you plan on meeting an important professional with whom you wish to discuss future business plans with, ask about the pay-per-hour option. Of course, you will need to pay a fee for the physical space, but the money you spend on the facilities is entirely up to you. Food, drink, Internet, computers, projector screens and seating are some essential facilities, but the choice is yours.

Short-Term Leasing Options

You don’t have to pay for a long-term lease when you rent out a serviced office, because there are short-term leasing options out there. Short-term options allow for an added element of flexibility and will give you freedom as a business owner to sign small contracts, pay less for the space and cut things short if they don’t seem to be working out, that is. Nevertheless, you will usually get a better deal if you rent the space for a long period of time.

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