Why Consider Corrosive Storage Cabinets

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Environmental Consultant

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The personal injury risk skyrockets when employees work around corrosives. Along with such, environmental issues can quickly arise, as well. If you have a variety of corrosives on hand, you need a safe way to store them, and corrosive storage cabinets are your best choice. Whether you work in construction, mining, oil/gas or any other industry that uses hazardous chemicals, you need to keep the products you use separate and safe. Things like gasoline, caustic soda, adhesives, sealants, cleaners, paint, thinners, lubricants, and glue can all have corrosives in them, so it is best to keep them separate from the rest to prevent spillage and mixture of two corrosive substances.

Corrosive storage cabinets are highly beneficial. For one, they can be locked to prevent unauthorised access, they usually include self-closing and latching doors, so you can still get the door shut when you’ve got your hands full, and more. You may also want to include other spill-prevention techniques, such as using containment pallets, floor bunding, spill kits to clean up messes quickly, and more. You can also purchase as many cabinets as you need to keep things contained with enough room on each side. This can require purchasing multiple cabinets or ones with varying shelf heights.

At EcoSpill, they offer both a traditional steel and polyethylene version of corrosive storage cabinets. Both versions have a polyethylene drip tray, but the polyethylene version is made of 100 percent poly and also has a 150mm-deep sump that is liquid-tight, making it fully chemically inert. Both products meet or exceed AS 3780-2008 standards, so you’re sure to be compliant with the rules in your area. Along with such, they offer absorbents, spill kits, containment booms, floor bunding, document storage, and many other products to help you ensure that your employees and property are safe.

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