Why Industries Need Floor Bunding

Many industries work with a variety of liquids that can be damaging to people and the environment. While the goal is to train employees on how to use and store these items, spillage is still likely to occur. Therefore, the next step is to find ways to prevent the liquids from escaping the area, going down the drain, or getting out to the soil/waterways. Floor bunding is an excellent solution because it is semi-permanent and can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you can put it between doorways where you use corrosives or chemicals. You can also contain a particular area of the floor designated for storage of drums and IBCs.

Floor bunding is perfect for a variety of industries, such as hospitals, oil/gas industries, mining companies, laboratories, and many others. However, the bunds aren’t designed to be used alone. They just trap the liquid so that it cannot escape into the environment or be slipped upon by employees. Once it is contained, you should have spill kits on hand to clean up the mess. Sometimes, you can reuse the liquid that is cleaned up, depending on the severity and the type of spill kit you choose.

At EcoSpill, they understand that the environment is the most important aspect. You want to make work easier and provide products that can be used by millions, but not at the cost of destroying earth. Therefore, it’s a good idea to visit them to determine how spill kits and floor bunding can work together to keep spills contained and clean them up effectively. While most regulations don’t require you to use bunds, they do expect you to protect the environment and your employees. This is just an easy and effective way of doing that, allowing you to focus on other company needs.

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